Linux Essentials (LE-PDC)

Linux Essentials (LE-PDC)

Linux Essentials (LE-PDC)

The Linux Essentials course teaches the fundamentals of the Linux operating system and command line, and basic open source concepts.


  • Recorded Presentations
  • Illustrations and Narrations
  • Videos and interactive activities
  • Quizzes and a final exam

Prerequisites: None

The course is designed for learners who want a comprehensive introduction to the Linux operating system.  Using a "learn by doing" approach, each learner has hands-on access to the Linux virtual machine to practice, explore, and test Linux command-line concepts.

The course also provides step-by-step labs to help students build knowledge progressively and learn Linux commands that require practice to master.

This course aligns with the Linux Professional Institute (LPI) Linux Essentials Professional Development Certificate.

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